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Postby Chevalier Bayard » Thu 30 Sep, 2004 00:15

Tonight with Bradaviel and other friends we've seen one of the movies I was most expecting this year, Michael Mann's new movie: Collateral.

Image Image

I was expecting a lot from that movie as I am a HUDGE fan already of Michael Mann's work and especially of his Heat as you might have seen it already in this forum :)

I was not wot worring about the fact Tom Cruise was playing in this movie. Quite the contrary in fact as I know, despite everything can be read that he IS a great actor. Sometimes he is just lazy but, well directed he has already given great performance and I don't think anyone can say the contrary staying objective.

It appears that I was already seeing Michael Mann as a great actors'director for the performances his actors have already given in his former movies with a special mention to unexpected Will Smith in the excellent Ali.

So I had no doubt Michael Mann would be able to drive Tom Cruise to give his best to the audience. And let me say already that I was right to have faith in this  8)


Tom Cruise is Vincent, a contract killer who has been hired to eliminate five people in Los-Angeles and he intends to have the work done before the dawn.

To achieve his work on time, Vincent offers a taxidriver 600 US$ for a ride with five stops which is supposed to end at 6AM at the airport.


Jamie Foxx plays this night taxi driver, Max, who first thinks he is driving a friendly businessman.

But when at first stop a body crashed on the car from the 3rd floor, Max realises who he is driving and Vincent, from friendly, becomes hostile and shows himself as a cold blood killer with no mercy.

From simple driver, Max becomes Vincent's hostage. He becomes "collateral", an expendable person who's in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But while Vincent forces Max to drive him in Los-Angeles, their relationship evolves during the night and, especially as both LAPD and FBI are after them, they little by little depend more on each other than any of them would have liked to.


Again you've understood that Michael Mann again delivers a great thriller (I don't know how to translate the french word "polar" which fits better) with strong characters greatly deserved by actors giving their best performance.

I agree with the critics saying that Tom Cruise is clearly running for the oscar with Vincent. But Jamie Foxx acting performance must not be minimized either. He clearly shows how he sould be one of "those that count" in Hollywood.

Like in Heat the audience gets confused between good and evil and surprises itself to feel sympathy for cold blood muderer.

There is even a scene where Vincent talks to Max about his father which I've found very powerfull regarding that point, the fact you naturally try to explain evil, even to forgive it quite as a way to deny it in fact... (I know it's not very clear but I don't want to waste your pleasure before you see the scene ;))


But the other great actor of this movie is Los-Angeles by night. Using a numeric camera modified for his "vision", Michael Mann makes EACH pic of this movie a real pleasure of the eyes of every movie lovers.

The picture is absolutely beautifull and if each pic is amazing, the way they are assembled together is just as wonderfull. I'm still astonished by an incredible scene in which the main character (followed by the camera) changes thanks to an elevator ... This movie is full of visual and narrative ideas.

The music shall also not be forgotten with an excellent score from James Newton Howard and a soundtrack credited to Image Paul Oakenfold among many other great artists from jazz to rock crossing techno.


To give a synthesis, Michael Mann, coming back to a genre he masters, has managed to explode the amazing work he had already done on Heat.

As I gave already a HUDGE 6/6 to Heat  I can't do else than promote Collateral to the masterpiece rank with also a HUDGE 6/6.

It is already in theater since august 6th in US and there's a lot of chance that it is currently playing in your theaters ... do not miss it.


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Postby Bradaviel » Thu 30 Sep, 2004 11:23

As every michael Mann movie is an evenment, i'm usually more drawn to movies with few characters, especially movies that come close to the "film noir" genre of the fifties.
And i'm also a big action movie fan.

Well, i gotta say, as for HEAT of the same director, i didn't waste my time watrching this one.
The characters are really well written, with their mimics, their evolving attitudes, questionning themselves about their choices ( of doing or NOT doing things about their condition )...
Mr Mann chose to use numeric camera for this feature and i gotta admit i'm really getting used to that style. It gives life and concistency to the film and helps the audience diving in the mist of the plot.

6/6 for one of the 2 or 3 most unmissable movies of the year
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Postby Hitmann47 » Sat 02 Oct, 2004 15:27

Just got back from this excellent movie. While I enjoyed it very much something bothered me while watching: at numerous points the storyline felt predictable (maybe that says more about myself than about collateral ...).

why do all those movies have to end the wrong way ???


your hitmann.

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Postby Mindtrust » Mon 18 Oct, 2004 11:42

I watched this movie yesterday and what can i say except "almost" totally excellent... it's one of the better movies i have seen this year! i gave it 5 out of 6

Go and and see it now :bounce:

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Nau of Sands
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Postby Nau of Sands » Sun 21 Nov, 2004 14:34

I saw it only yesterday,

just bright : 6/6

what else : I even found Tom Cruise good in it, it's the Michael Mann miracle :D

seriously it s a great dark movie in the heart of Los Angeles, bright and strange charatcters, beautiful pics

no spoil, but I found the ending really original (although the people with me found the opposite)

just waiting for next michael mann's movie, and there seems to be some work in progress, according to imdb

good news :bounce:

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Postby Rawhide » Sun 24 Apr, 2005 08:28

I watched this one today. It was pretty good. I liked it, though I doubt I'll bother watching it again.

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Postby -*da_sleeper*- » Tue 10 May, 2005 15:55

i gave it a 6 because it is one of the best movies i have seen this year

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Postby Wulf » Mon 16 Apr, 2007 06:34

What can I say that hasn't been said already?

Cruise proves (for the second time) that he is an actor, not just someone who can act.  This film shows that The Last Samurai wasn't a fluke (although Ken Watanabe stole that particular show).

Mann's use of light and camera - and music - are again flawless.  LA is indeed another member of the cast, in the same way that Ridley Scott achieved it in Blade Runner.

and I liked the ending :P

IMDB: 8/10
Here: 5/6

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